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Hella Good Audio (HGA) was founded in 2018 by Brendan Wolf. The company name is a nod to his roots in the SF Bay Area where the video game industry, the word 'hella', and he himself, were all born and raised.

Brendan is an accomplished Audio Designer for games and VR recognized for his work implementing and designing the interactive audio on the three-time Emmy and Golden Reel Award-winning VR animated short, Baba Yaga (2020) for the Oculus Quest. He holds Pro Tools and Wwise certifications and is experienced at using Blueprints in Unreal to post Wwise events, update game states, trigger switches, and drive RTPC sound sources.

Brendan lives with his amazingly supportive wife in Walnut Creek, CA where he grew up and is happiest among his close friends and family BBQ'ing or schooling noobs online in Splitgate and/or Heroes of the Storm with online gamer buddies.

brendan wolf