BRUBECK DREAMING - Music Platformer

Sound Designer, Composer, Audio Implementer (Unreal + Wwise)

Brubeck Dreaming is a solo game dev project to demo my Wwise and Unreal Blueprint Script (4.25) implementation skills. The game features an interactive music score, dynamic Foley based on the player's speed (walk or run), and a state-driven reverb system that switches between inside or outside based on player's current location.

Physical Material footstep Foley that use a Raycast to post Wwise Switch Container events that dynamically play Wood, Stone, and Grass surface Random Containers. RTPC-driven Foley that dynamically triggers separate random containers in Wwise for higher randomized pitch and volume playback for backpack Foley and footsteps.

Footstep Blueprint.PNG
Foley Wwise.PNG

Interactive music loops with sub-tracks assigned to States (Treble, Bass, Rhythm) and one-shot vibraphone Triggers that play on-beat in the same key as the current music playlist.

Music States Wwise.PNG
Music SubTracks Wwise.PNG

Dynamic reverb system using Game-Defined Aux Sends that post as the player character actor moves through akAcousticPortals to switch between Outdoor and Indoor reverb profiles.

Aux Busses.PNG

Automated positioning for ambience Gust sound playback that will play from 10 different paths around the player listener position while Outdoor ambience state is active.

Ambience Automation.PNG