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LIEGE - King Simulator

Sound Designer, Composer

Liege holds a special place in my heart as not only was it the very first game I made with other devs but it turned out to be an unexpected breakout success despite the crazy 5 week dev cycle.


You play the King who is presented with various scenarios that you decide the fate of based on on four Adviser categories: Military, Diplomacy, and Self (because who needs Advisers as King!?). The art style is the creation of Dante Finn who loved medieval history and art and he also served as the Narrative director writing hilarious and zany outcomes that keep the game pretty entertaining.

I composed a music score as a tribute to 90s JRPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics but with contemporary sampled instruments such as a Hurdy Gurdy for added flavor. The sound design was intentionally simple with UI drum hits and a trumpet fanfare as transition stingers between events.

After a quick Alpha among our fellow classmates and Beta with random game dev students we were able wrangle from the halls, we published the game to Newgrounds which to our surprise became Frontpaged, Daily 2nd Place, and shot up to over 10,000 plays within the first two weeks of release! Our professor told us candidly that it was (and may still be) the most popular game that ever came out of his class... not bad for our first game ever. :)

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