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MINOS - Narrative Horror

Sound Designer, Composer, Audio Implementer (Unity C#, FMOD)

Minos was a vertical slice Unity game concept level developed in 6 weeks among a team of 5 graduate students as part of the Rapid Game Prototyping course at Academy of Art's School of Game Development.


Using FMOD, I composed a Vertical Adaptive Music score that'd crossfade instrument stem layers as the player approached objectives. Upon reaching each objective, all stems stop and play an audio cutscene tied to the door opening or key gathered. As a small team comprised of one programmer, an environment artist, 2 sound designers and a music composer, our limited resources that meant we had to rely on sound design and music to sell the feeling of dread and foreboding. 

Other sound elements that enhanced the narrative of being chased by a Minotaur in the maze included the player's heartbeat BPM and volume increasing to three intensity levels as the Minotaur (which was invisible) was nearing the player. 


Minos was nominated for three awards at the annual 2018 Spring Show including: Excellence in Game DesignExcellence in Music Scoring and Best Full Game.

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