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Hey there! I’m Brendan, an award-winning interactive audio designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area - the birthplace of hella things like Atari, GDC, and myself! I'm currently working as a full-time Sound Designer at Injected Senses Audio and collaborating with the talents of PlayStation Studios, Firaxis Games, Epic Games, and Hi-Rez Studios.

Previously, I had the pleasure of contracting as an Audio Implementer for Pollen Music Group on Baobab Studios' animated VR short Baba Yaga (2021) which won both a Daytime Emmy® and MPSE Golden Reel award after launching on the Meta Quest.

Offline, I enjoy getting lost in the wilderness or cities recording all the beauty both visually and aurally. There are countless incredible landscapes and soundscapes out there just waiting to be discovered... Feel free to hit me up on Discord (HellaGoodAudio#5549) or Twitter (@bwolfsound) anytime, always glad to connect with fellow game audio folks!

Favorite Sound Design

  • Ghost of Tsushima

  • Death Stranding

  • Cyberpunk: 2077

  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrfice

  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Excited for...


  • Scorn

  • Rise of the Ronin

  • The Callisto Protocol

  • Witchfire

  • God of War Ragnarok

Now Playing

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BRUBECK DREAMING - Music Platformer
Game Designer, Sound Designer, Composer
Audio Implementer (Unreal Blueprint, Wwise)

BABA YAGA - Animated VR Short
Sound Editor

Audio Implementer (Unity Timeline, C#)

CNTLSHIFT - Co-Op Tactical Stealth
Sound Designer, Composer
Audio Implementer (Unreal Blueprint)

MINOS - Narrative Horror
Sound Designer, Composer
Audio Implementer (Unity C#, FMOD)

LIEGE - King Simulator
Sound Designer, Composer

Music Notes.png

​Track #. Track Title - Mood | Music Genre | Game Reference​ | Game Genre

  1. Neo Noir - Suspenseful | Jazz Orchestral | LA Noire | Detective / Noir / '60s Crime Thriller

  2. Funky Kong Country - Carefree | Jazz Funk | Donkey Kong Country | Platformer / Endless Runner

  3. Descending the Steps - Intriguing | Middle-Eastern Orchestral | Assassin's Creed | Adventure

  4. Waiting for Hacker Input - Contemplative | Synthwave | Metal Gear Solid | Tactical Stealth

  5. Limbo Rescore -  Terrifying | Atonal Ambient Piano | Silent Hill | Horror

  6. Spooky - Ghostly | John Williams Orchestral | Harry Potter | Simulation

  7. Liege OST (Tutorial) - Pensive | Medieval Orchestral | Final Fantasy Tactics | Strategy RPG

  8. The Singularity is Coming - Epic | Hans Zimmer Cinematic | Cyberpunk 2077 | Sci-Fi / Narrative

  9. Strolling the Neighborhood - Relaxed | Smooth Jazz  | The Sims | Home Decorating

  10. Contra (1988) - Kick Ass | Metal | Broforce | Run and Gun / Bullet Hell

Award Icon.png

Daytime Emmy® Award

Baba Yaga 2020-2021

Outstanding Interactive Media

for a Daytime Program


MPSE Golden Reel Award

Baba Yaga 2020

Outstanding Achievement

in Sound Editing Animation

Short Form