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GameSoundCon 2021

GameSoundCon 2021
GameSoundCon: Velocity Volume Envelope
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GameSoundCon: Light & Dark
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GameSoundCon: Slomo Fight Sequence
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Resume Icon.png

Hey there! I’m Brendan, an award-winning interactive audio designer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m currently working as a full-time Sound Designer at Injected Senses Audio collaborating with Firaxis on Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC.

Last year, I was honored to win a Daytime Emmy® and MPSE Golden Reel for my work as Audio Implementer on the animated VR short Baba Yaga (2021) on the Meta Quest!

Offline, I enjoy getting lost in the wilderness or cities recording all the beauty both visually and aurally. Feel free to hit me up on Discord (HellaGoodAudio#5549) or Twitter (@bwolfsound) anytime, always glad to connect with fellow game audio folks!

Favorite Sound Design

  • Ghost of Tsushima

  • Death Stranding

  • Returnal

  • Hellblade: Senua's Sacrfice

  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Excited for...


  • Diablo IV

  • Legend of Zelda: TOTK

  • Final Fantasy 16

  • Armored Core 6

  • Starfield

Now Playing

Game Controller Icon.png

BRUBECK DREAMING - Music Platformer
Game Designer, Sound Designer, Composer
Audio Implementer (Unreal Blueprint, Wwise)

BABA YAGA - Animated VR Short
Sound Editor

Audio Implementer (Unity Timeline, C#)

CNTLSHIFT - Co-Op Tactical Stealth
Sound Designer, Composer
Audio Implementer (Unreal Blueprint)

MINOS - Narrative Horror
Sound Designer, Composer
Audio Implementer (Unity C#, FMOD)

LIEGE - King Simulator
Sound Designer, Composer

Music Notes.png

​Track #. Track Title - Mood | Music Genre | Game Reference​ | Game Genre

  1. Neo Noir - Suspenseful | Jazz Orchestral | LA Noire | Detective / Noir / '60s Crime Thriller

  2. Funky Kong Country - Carefree | Jazz Funk | Donkey Kong Country | Platformer / Endless Runner

  3. Descending the Steps - Intriguing | Middle-Eastern Orchestral | Assassin's Creed | Adventure

  4. Waiting for Hacker Input - Contemplative | Synthwave | Metal Gear Solid | Tactical Stealth

  5. Limbo Rescore -  Terrifying | Atonal Ambient Piano | Silent Hill | Horror

  6. Spooky - Ghostly | John Williams Orchestral | Harry Potter | Simulation

  7. Liege OST (Tutorial) - Pensive | Medieval Orchestral | Final Fantasy Tactics | Strategy RPG

  8. The Singularity is Coming - Epic | Hans Zimmer Cinematic | Cyberpunk 2077 | Sci-Fi / Narrative

  9. Strolling the Neighborhood - Relaxed | Smooth Jazz  | The Sims | Home Decorating

  10. Contra (1988) - Kick Ass | Metal | Broforce | Run and Gun / Bullet Hell

Award Icon.png

Daytime Emmy® Award

Baba Yaga 2020-2021

Outstanding Interactive Media

for a Daytime Program


MPSE Golden Reel Award

Baba Yaga 2020

Outstanding Achievement

in Sound Editing Animation

Short Form

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